Our Top Stress Busting Tips
Published 6 May 2019
Written by Sarah

Relax Relax

Our Top Stress Busting Tips

Relax Relax

Being a student, it’s pretty common to suffer with stress. Whether it’s exams, essays or just life in general, things can easily get a bit too much, so we’ve rounded up our top stress busting tips to help you manage your stress.

  • Hit the gym – whether it’s yoga or boxing, exercising will help reduce the emotional intensity you’re feeling, clear your thoughts and let you deal with your problems more calmly.
  • Be positive – look for the positives in your life, this will help you approach problems in a better mental state.
  • Don’t overwork – just because you’ve got exams coming up, doesn’t mean you should be in the library 24/7 – it’s not productive for anyone. Take some time out for yourself.

  • Hang out with friends – whether they cheer you up or help you see things in a different way, friends and family will often help relieve stress.
  • Have a cuppa – simply having a cup of tea has been found to lower stress levels. Don’t believe it works? Check out this study.
  • Try meditating – this will help reduce the production of stress-induced hormone, cortisol, and clear your head.

Your wellbeing is very important to us at The Project at Hoxton, which is why we’ve designed tech-free zones to help you switch off, a gym to keep you fit and healthy, and soundscapes to induce calm thoughts and relieve stress.  And if you ever need anything else or someone to talk too, our team is always on hand to help.

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