Meet Naomi Cleaver, Interior Designer
Published 2 November 2018
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Meet Naomi Cleaver, Interior Designer

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Naomi Cleaver helped consult and design The Project at Hoxton. She specialises in the design of domestic space and is interested in the emotional effects of the built environment and how design can enhance quality of life.

We asked her a few questions about her involvement in The Project and how the building will respond to your needs.

What you did to address students needs in the space you designed?

We design quite a lot of student accommodation – it’s one of our favourite sectors – and so run a regular programme of student focus groups to ensure we understand the developing needs and dreams of the people who live in the spaces we create. On The Project at Hoxton we really enjoyed working closely with the wider concept team to initiate wide-ranging conversations with students that were able to prove ambitions I’ve held for the sector for some time: that is to match the dynamism and nurture inherent in our designs to the way in which the spaces operate. We are very excited that The Project at Hoxton will be the first ever scheme where students will enjoy an unmatched opportunity to develop a rich cultural life and supportive community to fully realise their personal as well as academic potential.

What this means in terms of the design we’ve created is a scheme with significant variation and flexibility, where students can influence the design of the space themselves in many different ways.

“Students can influence the design of the space themselves.”

What are some of your favourite parts of the Hoxton and why?

To be honest I love it all but some highlights are the timber installation in reception, inspired by Parisian “lovelocks”, where every student who lives in our “home” will be given a component to customise. The “vinyl bothy” is another favourite. Huts and sheds are always irresistible and this one is made of old vinyl records which can be played on a specially designed sound system.

I also love the way we’re using lavender and rosemary in scatter cushions which give off that delicious calming scent when sat against and crushed. And then there’s the digi-free Hide on the 5th floor, looking out to a lush terrace. It’s a simple but super-cosy space where students can take a rest from tech.

But then these are just my favourite things. What’s been core to our thinking is anticipating the very different needs and dreams of a varied community of people.

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