How To Grow Your Own Vegetables
Published 29 April 2019
Written by Sarah

Garden Garden

How To Grow Your Own Vegetables

Garden Garden

As well as being a great place to enjoy the sun, our courtyard has planters where you can grow your own vegetables and flowers. So if you fancy getting  green fingered, but don’t know where to start you might want to read on… We’ve rounded up the easiest vegetables for you to grow in our planters and a few useful tips to get you going.


Beets grow super quick, so you can plant in early spring for a summer harvest and again in midsummer for an autumn harvest. You can plant the seeds directly into the containers – just give them a soak for a few hours before sowing.


To get the best carrots, you’ll want to plant between February and July in our deepest planters. You can sow the seeds between other crops and only have to water them during dry spells. Perfect for a beginner.



You don’t need much room to grow lettuces, so you can squeeze them between other plants or in separate pots. You can plant from January right thorough into the summer – it’s best to sow the seeds at intervals too so they’re not all ready for harvesting at the same time!


Probably one of the quickest growing vegetables, radishes can be harvested a month after planting. Sow between March and August, and water well for the best results!


If you don’t fancy growing from seed, we suggest getting a small tomato plant that you can transfer into our containers. Plant in the containers around May (or when the weather starts to improve) and keep watered – you’ll be eating fresh tomatoes all summer long!

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