How To Beat Stress & Anxiety At University
Published 2 September 2019
Written by Sarah

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How To Beat Stress & Anxiety At University

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We’ve all been there, and it’s not a bad thing to admit that you’re scared of starting university and moving to a new city. You’ve got the excitement of living independently and starting a new chapter, combined with the worry of leaving your friends and family behind. So we’ve rounded up our top tips of how to beat the stress and anxiety you might feel when starting university.

Bring a piece of home.

When you’re packing up for university make sure you include a few home comforts – things that remind you of home or your family. When things get a bit too much these things will help comfort and relax you. Whether it’s your childhood teddy bear or your dad’s favourite vinyl – it’s worth packing!

Stay healthy.

Being out of your routine, it’s easy to forget to eat your five-a-day or find time to get to the gym. But remember eating healthy and exercising will improve your mental health.  If you need a bit of extra motivation, why not join a sports society at university, and there’s always our gym onsite too.

Get enough sleep. 

Starting university for some people is all about partying, and it’s a good way to meet friends and immerse yourself in your new life, but it’s super important to get enough rest too. Getting enough sleep helps you to manage stress and will help you wake up refreshed for a new day.

Set mini-goals.

Setting goals and completing them will help you feel in control and boost your self-esteem. So whether it’s making it to lectures, joining a society, asking a friend to go for drink completing these goals will give you the mental boost you need.

Try yoga. 

Doctors now are encouraging people to take up yoga as a treatment for anxiety, so why not give a class a go (we’re even hosting some in our rooftop gardens). Yoga teaches you to present in the moment and can help you break the cycle of anxious thoughts running through your mind – similar to the effects of meditation.

We want you to be happy at university and The Project at Hoxton has been created specifically to explore ways of maintaining and enhancing physical and mental wellbeing, through an environment designed to nourish a balanced lifestyle and a supportive student community. If you’re having any problems please speak to a member of the team who can help put you in touch with the appropriate health services.

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