How Soundscape Created Music That Enhances Focus
Published 22 July 2019
Written by Sarah

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How Soundscape Created Music That Enhances Focus

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The Project at Hoxton isn’t your average student accommodation, we’ve worked with industry experts, leading academics and students¬† collaboratively to create student accommodation that lifts your mood, boosts your potential and allows you to create more memorable experiences. One of the experts we worked with was Soundscape Agency who have created a unique audio soundscape for our study area. The audio has been created to improve concentration over long periods of time and enhances cognitive processing. But just how did they do it?


Before creating the bespoke track that encourages focus, Soundscape Agency carried out research taking pointers from music psychology, neuroscience, artistic music and sound design direction. Their research found that music has a positive effect on cognitive processing and that it positively influences memory performance with its ability to evoke strong emotions.



From the research Soundscape Agency tasked themselves with the mission of synchronising musical frequencies with neural oscillations to create music that encourages a sense of focus and increases productivity. From previous research they were aware of the positive effects of background music, so they wanted to test the participants ability to zone out from their surrounding environment.

To do this they used a behavioural paradigm called ‘The Attention Network Task’ that is used to investigate how quickly the mind starts to wander – participants have to make split second decisions on numerous arrow prompts. This task was carried out under three different conditions: music informed by science and composed by Soundscape, generic study room music and silence.

The Results

Soundscape music showed the fastest reaction time among participants – its performed 15% better than silence and 60% better than generic study music.

73.34% of participants performed the task better when listening to Soundscape music, demonstrating that the type of background music you listen to influences your focus and attention span while studying.

Yes, we’ve really gone to those measures to ensure that the music in the study will keep you focused… Oh and they’ve also created a forest soundscape (recorded in Epping Forest) for our rooftop garden.

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