How Alya helped create The Project at Hoxton
Published 2 November 2018
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How Alya helped create The Project at Hoxton

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We want to put you, the students, at the heart of The Project at Hoxton, which is why we interviewed students, carried out focus groups and really listened to your feedback throughout the whole project. From first conception to the finishing touches, we want to make sure The Project goes above and beyond your needs and desires – and even when you move in we’ll keep adapting the space to fit you.

One of the students who really helped us create the space was Alya. She told us the most important thing was about choosing student accommodation was ‘ location, room size and quality, and the common areas’. We believe The Project at Hoxton ticks all of those boxes, for starters we are within walking distance of City Universities campus’ and Central Saint Martins, as well as being within easy reach of public transport. We also took great detail designing the studios and apartments, ensuring they are bright, airy and a pleasure the live in – they’re your own little sanctuary, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  

When it came to the common areas, Alya said both sociable spaces and study rooms were of equal importance, so we created both. In fact, we created a total of 9 different common areas to suit every mood, for example there’s ‘Nook’ for gathering and gaming, ‘Relax’ an area without WIFI to help you slow down and centre yourself, ‘Move’ a gym and workout area to improve your wellbeing, and ‘Learn’ a quiet study space with soundscapes psychologically crafted to boost concentration.

Making friends was something Alya found difficult in her student accommodation. She suggested it would be easier if the space organised events to help people meet, which is why we have hired a Project Guide to organise regular events and help you connect with your neighbours.

Some of the main issues in Alya’s current student accommodation were to do with maintenance – she said there were communication issues and they would never know when things would get fixed. We carefully considered this feedback, as we know things like this are frustrating, so we decided to build ‘Maintenance Notifications’ into our app, this mean you can report issues directly to our maintenance team and they will keep you updated with progress – all in a few taps!

The Project at Hoxton is built for you, the students, and we want it to work for you. Every month we will host focus groups for you to feedback, offer ideas and help shape the future of The Project, and we will do everything we can to make it happen.

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