East London’s Best Ice Cream
Published 8 July 2019
Written by Sarah

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East London’s Best Ice Cream

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The sun is out, university is over for the summer and what better way to treat yourself than a well-deserved ice cream. But where’s the best place to go? We’ve rounded our favourite places to get a scoop of the action around East London.

Soft Serve Society – this place takes ice cream to the next level. As well as serving up vanilla, matcha, charcoal and coconut soft serve ice cream, Soft Serve Society also do some of the most instagrammable ice cream sundaes in London – yes, we’re taking about that soft serve topped with candy floss!

2-10 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6GY

Chin Chin Labs – not only do they freeze their ice cream using liquid nitrogen, Chin Chin Labs serves up ice cream sandwiches. Think vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies, and banana jam ice cream pie. Do we need to say anymore?

19 Great Eastern Street, London E1 6GY


Nonna’s Gelato – family-run Nonna’s Gelato combines Italian gelato with the best British ingredients. Expect flavours to include everything from Amalfi lemon & rosemary to chocolate & Sicilian blood orange marmalade sorbet.

Broadway Market E8, Every Saturday

Black Milq – if you think vegan ice cream sucks, you’ve never been to Black Milq. All the ice cream is made from either coconut or cashew-nut ‘milk’, and you can expect flavours to include miso caramel & pecan, black sesame and coffee bean.

Studio 11 Containerville, 35 Corbridge Crescent, London E2 9EZ



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