8 Study Tips Every Student Needs To Know
Published 15 April 2019
Written by Sarah

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8 Study Tips Every Student Needs To Know

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Exam season is upon us, and we know how stressful the next few weeks can be, which is why we have rounded up 8 study tips to help you smash your end of year exams.

  • Drink Plenty of Water – your brain needs water to keep functioning properly, and it will help you process all the information you’re taking in during a study session.
  • Find a Study Buddy or Two – not only will they help keep you motivated, but together you can quiz each other, ask questions and help you discover the areas which you might need to improve.
  • Take Regular Breaks – working all day and all night is not good for anyone, so remember to take regular breaks and get your daily dose of sunshine (vitamin D), it’ll help keep you alert and productive.
  • Press Pause on Social Media – if you can’t resist taking a quick scroll of Instagram every 5 minutes, either leave your phone at home when you go to study or temporarily delete the apps, you’ll be surprised at how much this improves your focus and stops procrastination.

  • Don’t Stop Exercising – don’t skip the gym or that evening yoga session for studying, exercising is really important for your mental health and will help reduce any anxious feelings or stress about upcoming exams.
  • Get Enough Zzzz – sleep will not only help you process all the information you’ve learnt, but will also help you manage your stress and wake up refreshed to start a new day.
  • Dig Out Past Exam Papers – this one might be obvious, but one of the best ways to prepare for an exam is to practise using old papers. It will help you get used to the exam format, the style of questions and plan your time when it comes to exam day.
  • Eat Brain Boosting Foods – what you eat can really impact your focus and productivity, so keep away from the junk-food and eat nutritious foods such as blueberries, eggs and nuts to keep yourself fuelled.

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