5 Tips To Feel More Energised In The Morning
Published 11 March 2019
Written by Sarah

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5 Tips To Feel More Energised In The Morning

Active Active

Hit snooze 10 times this morning? We’ve all been there. Most of us don’t just jump out of bed in the morning, full of energy, feeling ready to take on the day, so we’ve rounded up the best ways to shake up your morning routine and feel on top of the world.

Resist The Snooze

First things first, don’t hit that snooze! According to sleep expert Timothy Morgenthaler, “most sleep specialists think that snooze alarms are not a good idea.”, this is because you risk falling back into a deep sleep cycle that you won’t complete, meaning you’ll feel groggy and sleepy for the first few hours of your day. So resist that urge, as tempting as it is!

Let The Sunshine In

As soon as you wake up, open those blinds and let the sunshine in. The natural light will help wake you up and reinforce your circadian rhythms to give you a natural boost. If you can eat breakfast by a window or walk to uni in the morning too – natural light is key to waking up your body (find out more here.)

Drink A Glass Of Water

Forget the coffee, the first thing you should reach for in the morning is a HUGE glass of water. Rehydrating as soon as you’ve woken will help get that oxygen flowing around your body, making you feel more energetic and rested.

Stretch It Out

Whether you want to do a few stretches or a full on HIIT workout, getting out of bed and being active can really set you up for the day. Not only will you get that endorphin buzz – putting you in a good mood to start the day – but it will also help kickstart you metabolism.

Turn Up The Tunes

We all know that music can put you in a good mood, so blast out some of your favourite tunes in the morning to raise your dopamine levels. Make sure it’s upbeat too as this will help you feel more alert and motivated.

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