5 Tips For Exercising In The Heat
Published 17 June 2019
Written by Sarah

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5 Tips For Exercising In The Heat

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As soon as the sun comes out in London, we all ditch the gym and head for the park – because exercising in the sun is always so much more fun. But the heat and humidity can sometimes cause problems when exercising, so we’ve rounded up our top 5 tips to stay safe and get the mots out of your summer workout.

  • Stay hydrated – it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the whole day, but before and after exercising in summer it’s essential. Eating hydrating foods will also help replace electrolyte loss.
  • Avoid the hottest part of the day – get out early, or exercise in the evening, just try to avoid midday (10am-4pm) when it’s usually hottest. If you are going to exercise then, jump in a pool!

  • Wear light-coloured clothing – dark colours absorb the heat. Make sure you wear loose and light clothes to help the air circulate around your body and avoid overheating.
  • Use sunscreen – remember your skin can get burnt and damaged even on cloudy days, and if you’re getting sweaty the sunscreen is likely to be less effective, so get the SPF 50 out.
  • If you’re feeling faint or sick stop – don’t push through, take rest in the shade, rehydrate and have a snack, your body will thank you more for taking a break than struggling on.

Exercise and wellbeing is really important to us at The Project at Hoxton – on site we’re building a gym and will be hosting a whole load of classes including rooftop yoga.

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