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Our Story

The Project at Hoxton is a radical new concept in student accommodation

In the heart of East London, this is the first student residence to be collaboratively designed by and for the students who call it home. Working with neuroscientists, psychologists, design experts and student focus groups, we’re embarking on an open-ended experiment in human-centred living spaces, focused on wellbeing. Our aim is simple but ambitious – to find a better way to live for all.

More than merely a place to sleep, The Project is a versatile, interactive and community-focused beginning for the journey that will define you for life. Unlike other take-it-or-leave-it student residences, The Project is designed to be a continual work-in-progress, monitored, refined and improved via monthly student forums. Our findings and insights will be regularly shared in the Life section of this website, allowing everyone to see how the experiment is going. Living at The Project at Hoxton, you are not merely a resident of the building, but an active participant in its evolution.

Through an endlessly adaptable physical environment, events and activities created by and for residents, and a diverse but connected community, we aim to bring a more meaningful and transformational dimension to your student life in London.

Making the Connection

Every element of The Project at Hoxton is designed to nurture a sense of warmth, wellbeing and community, forging relationships both among residents and with the building they inhabit.

Project App

With The Project smartphone app, you can create and respond to events, book rooms, make maintenance reports, receive post notifications and more – all at the tap of a button.

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Project Guide

A dedicated full-time team member is your first point of contact for all aspects of Project life, arranging a packed calendar of events and fostering involvement with the building and the community.

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Project Spaces

With mobile furniture, multifunctional lighting and creative soundscapes that evolve throughout the day, communal spaces are designed to be readily adaptable to whatever you need from them.

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Project Team

The Project draws on the insight and expertise of a diverse group of professional space makers...

Interior Design Expert

Naomi Cleaver

Student Representative

Alya Almazmi

Youth Expert

Chloe Combi


Prof. Iain Borden

Branding Experts

This Works

Sound Experts


Be part of The Project.

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