Shape the space you inhabit;
define the person you become.

A new generation of student accommodation.

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About The Project

The world’s first student-led experiment into what it means to live better

Combining the very best facilities with the energy of East London, The Project at Hoxton invites its residents to take control of their environment – shaping how they live, what they experience and, ultimately, who they will become.

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A new definition of personal space

In consultation with psychologists, researchers and student residents, every studio and apartment has been designed to maximise light, space and individual wellbeing. They are sanctuaries you look forward to returning to, with the flexibility to make them truly your own.

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East London : Wellbeing

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5 Tips To Feel More Energised In The Morning

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How To Grow Your Own Fresh Air

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How Does Colour Affect Your Mood?


Work or play, relax or
re-energise – every space is what you make it

From study area to gaming nook, kitchen to garden, event hub to music zone, the shared spaces of The Project are designed for adaptability and interactivity. Here, the physical environment evolves to meet the needs of those within it.

Be part of The Project.

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